Wednesday, 5 October 2011

An Important Place to Me.

Seclusion and relaxation _05/10/11

A place that I find comforting anytime I visit is the garden of Dublin castle. I find that it relaxes my body and my mind and allows me to reflect on any thoughts or problems that I may have at that given time.

The garden was unknown to me until the middle of last year when I found myself in the grounds of Dublin castle while doing a college assignment. The garden was being bathed in sunshine as if it was the holy land. I took a few minutes to myself on a quiet bench but then had to get back to my work.

Any visit after that, either on my own or with company, was always special. It was always quiet, relaxing and peaceful. The sun was always shining, probably because I wouldn’t visit on a rainy day. Recently, it seems that a lot more people have also decided to use the gardens as their place of seclusion and relaxation so it’s not as easy to get a quiet seat.

Now that I’m back in college and close to the garden, I’ve tried to visit more often but found that I haven’t spent as much time there as I would of liked. With winter drawing ever closer, the sunshine will gradually die away and the garden will slip into it’s on sense of relaxation. 

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